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Steven Renwick

12 Apr 2016

Credit risk data changes

For some time now, Satago has provided credit risk data for all companies in the UK to help our users understand and manage the credit risk of their sales ledger.

The risk level of a user's Accounts Receivable

We showed this data in a few different ways within Satago. We started by showing brief, individual company pages that showed the most essential credit risk information: the credit risk categories (high, medium and low risk), the suggested credit limit and the Days Beyond Terms or DBT (i.e., when companies pay their suppliers versus agreed terms).

Then, we started to show this data "integrated" with our users' accounts receivable (see screenshots below).  This allowed you to see, at a glance, the risk level of all outstanding invoices (what we call the AR Risk report), as well as the amount outstanding to each customer versus the suggested credit limit (the Credit Summary report).

Credit risk report showing invoiced amount vs. suggested credit limits.

Starting from today, a small number of our users will be invited to join a Beta group to preview an important new feature in Satago.  We are now offering  full credit reports on UK companies within our platform.

Whilst this feature is in beta phase, there is one important caveat to point out - we are transitioning from one credit reference agency (CRA) that supplies us with our credit risk data to another. Until now, our credit risk data has been supplied by Experian, an internationally recognised supplier of both business and consumer credit data.  In a few weeks, all our credit risk data will be supplied by Creditsafe, a UK-based business, which is actually the world's largest supplier of company credit risk data.

During this beta phase, which we expect to last no more than a few weeks, our Beta users may find discrepancies between the full credit reports and the data shown elsewhere in Satago. This is because although the CRAs base their credit assessments on largely the same data as each other, they may calculate the risk scores and credit limits slightly differently, depending on the company.

Once we have fully transitioned to Creditsafe, please be assured that all data shown within Satago will match completely. As the largest company CRA in the world, we are confident in the robustness of Creditsafe's risk calculations, and look forward to helping our users continue to avoid and manage credit risk, whilst improving their cashflow.