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Steven Renwick

13 Nov 2015

Introducing Satago Invoice Finance

Our mission at Satago has always been to help businesses get paid on time. We do that pretty well - with our users getting paid up to 23 days faster after using Satago. However, there is only so much that proactive credit control can do. Some customers will always pay late, and some insist on lengthy credit terms that make life difficult for small businesses.

Users that can see this button on their Satago Taskboard can apply for early acceptance to Satago Invoice Finance.

Complete Cashflow Confidence

That's why we are now introducing Satago Invoice Finance - invoice finance with a difference. Whereas regular invoice finance companies will finance an invoice as soon as it is raised, we finance invoices when they are due (or even overdue).

Why? It's simple - we think businesses should not have to wait longer than 30 days to get paid and we believe that as much value of an invoice as possible should stay in the pockets of small businesses rather than finance companies. By advancing payment for invoices when they are due (or on 30 days for customers that insist on longer credit terms) we help businesses make their cashflow more reliable whilst giving away as little of the invoice value as possible.

For added peace of mind, all invoices financed through Satago are covered by bad debt protection to protect you if a customer defaults on payment or becomes insolvent.

Satago is now the one-stop shop for complete cashflow confidence, offering a powerful debtor-tracking CRM, integrated credit risk data from Experian, invoice finance on due invoices, and credit insurance protection.


We'll be publishing more details about how exactly Satago Invoice Finance works over the coming weeks. For now, Satago users are currently being accepted for Invoice Finance on a company-by-company basis. You can register your interest in Satago Invoice Finance from the Taskboard and see what steps you need to complete to be considered for early acceptance.

Please note: Satago Invoice Finance is currently only available to UK Limited companies.