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Alex Reekie

01 Apr 2016

NEW Satago App for Nokia N-Gage

Today we are excited to announce our latest project: Satago for N-Gage.

With the cutting-edge LED back-light, Satago has never looked this good.

Having investigated likely device usage trends, we've made our predictions for what will soon be the most highly requested app for managing your credit control on-the-go. That is, if you aren’t too busy playing one of the 50 action packed games available on the device, such as Spider-Man 2.

Our development team have been working around the clock to ensure performance is up to our usual high-standards, so there are no unnecessary delays when viewing reports, replying to customers, or financing invoices. Please note, whereas we’ve optimised performance wherever possible, data rates are still limited by the device at a maximum of 57.6 kbits/s.

Our UX designer has ensured that as there is no touch functionality available on the device, the directional pad is more than capable of effortlessly navigating our app with an average of only 5 additional presses per action.

Given the 3.4 MB internal memory, we’ve managed to keep our app down to a svelte 2.6 MB, leaving you with plenty of room for your media, such as the first minute of an MP3, or up to 5 low-resolution images.

Please let us know your thoughts once you’ve had a chance to play with our brand new app, and we’ll continue pushing the boundaries of innovation.