FAQ > How can I see the Customer Invoice page?

How can I see the Customer Invoice page?

The Customer invoice page is the page that your customers can see if you include the View Invoice snippet in your Reminders and Statements. If you are a Xero or Quickbooks user, then your customer can re-download their invoices from these pages.

If you upload your logo, then your logo will appear at the top of the Customer page (for paying customers only, and those in trial period).

To see how this page looks to your customers the best thing to do is go to your Outbox, click Preview next to any Reminder (if you see an Error message you need to log-out then back in to Satago) then click the Send Preview to: … button.

The Reminder email will be sent to your own Inbox. Click the View Invoice link within the Reminder email. You will be taken to the Satago website and forced to log-out of Satago (to replicate being your Customer without a Satago account) then you will be able to see the Customer Invoice page). You are now on the Satago Customer invoice page, as your customer would be.