FAQ > How does multi-organisation Satago work?

How does multi-organisation Satago work?

Multi-organisation is a feature that particularly accountants, bookkeepers and credit managers will find useful. It allows you to add clients’ accounts to Satago using your existing Satago login. You can then easily switch between sets of Satago accounts enabling easy credit control on behalf of your clients – all from one place.

Adding New Accounts

To access the multi-organisation menu, choose “Switch Organisations” from the navigation menu. There, you see an overview of all the additional Satago organisations you have added (if any). To add a new one, click the big green button “Create Organisation” at the top of the page.

Can I create a Satago organisation for my clients?

If your clients would like to use Satago but have not signed up themselves yet, then you can do this on their behalf by filling out the Create Organisation form (see screenshot below). The next steps are importing data from their cloud accounts system if you have access, or choose a subscription for the customer if they use desktop accounts, then add your customers in to the account so you can share all the context by adding them as users to the new account (see this FAQ entry on multi-user Satago).

What if my client already uses Satago?

If your clients have already signed up to Satago and you would like to access to their organisations in Satago, you will need to ask your client (whichever person originally created the account) to add you as a user for that organisation. All they need is the email address you use to log in to Satago, then they should add you as a user (as per this FAQ entry on multi-user Satago).