FAQ > How does multi-user Satago work?

How does multi-user Satago work?

Adding additional users to your Satago account allows others, either in your organisation or external users like your accountant or book-keeper, to stay on the same page as regards your accounts receivable.

Adding additional users is possible as long as you have upgraded from the basic plan or are still on the trial plan.The number of users you can add depends on the account plan, details are either on your manage users page or on the pricing page.

Managing Users

To get to the manage users page, first log in to Satago, then go to Settings > Users in the navigation menu. This page shows a list of users and their access levels. To add a user, simply click the ‘Add a User’ button in the bottom left and fill in their details. The new user will receive an email inviting them to log in.

You can then manage which users have access to the system by checking or unchecking the box in the ‘Access Enabled’ column – the maximum number of users that can be enabled will be limited by your subscription plan.