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How many emails will my customer receive per day?

Satago can chase invoices individually, or send “grouped reminders”. The same applies to Thank You emails.

By default “grouped reminders” are switched ON (N.B. for users that signed up to Satago before 11 June 2015 grouped reminders are switched OFF by default)

What are Grouped Reminders?

If your customer would be due to receive Satago Reminder emails for two or more invoices on the same day (i.e. multiple invoices fall X days late on the same day), then instead of sending multiple separate email Reminders, Satago will send one “grouped reminder” to the customer. This Grouped Reminder is, in effect, a mini-statement.

You can preview and control Grouped Reminders in the same way as ordinary reminders. The grouped reminder template is found on the Invoice Reminder templates page.

To switch Grouped Reminder On or OFF, tick or untick the “Group reminders scheduled for same date” box. (Don’t forget to click Save at the bottom).

When you look in your Outbox, you will see what Reminders will be chased by individual Reminders, and which by Grouped Reminders.

Grouped Reminders and Statements

When Grouped Reminders are switched on, if a customer would be due to receive a invoice Reminder on the same day as a Statement, then only the Statement will be sent.

What happens if I switch Grouped Reminders off?

If you do not use the Grouped Reminders feature, then your customers will receive an individual Reminder email for each invoice that is being chased. That could mean multiple emails being sent to the same customer on the same day.

Is there any difference between Grouped Reminders and normal Reminders?

It’s important to note that a Grouped Reminder could be chasing after several invoices at different stages, depending on how you have configured your Satago account. i.e. a customer might have been due to receive a reminder 2 days before an invoice is due for invoice #101, a 7-day late reminder for invoice #092; and a 30-day late reminder for invoice #078. If they received separate Reminders each email would have a different tone, according to your templates (the pre-due template may be a gentle reminder, whereas the 30-day late reminder could be threatening legal action!). When you use a Grouped Reminder there is only one template being applied to all these invoices.

Thank You emails

Grouped Thank You emails work in the same way as Grouped Reminders with the only difference that Grouped ThankYous will still be sent on the same day as a Statement.