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How much does it cost?

We advance invoices up to 85% of their face value. Once your customer has paid us, we calculate the fee based on a daily charge and transfer the balance to your bank account instantly. The faster they pay us, the lower your fees. Fees are calculated automatically on an invoice-by-invoice basis by our risk engine. You will then know how much you’ll have to pay for each invoice before you commit to financing any invoice. If you want to understand how it works, take a look at our pricing page. We use a number of data points to calculate your cost such as the days beyond term of the invoice, your customer’s risk profile and that of your company. In due course, the number of invoices sold to us will also affect your price. The total fee for an invoice financed by Satago is, on average, around 2% of the gross invoice value. When you have selected the invoices you wish to finance, your basket of invoices will give you an idea of the fees involved in trading your first invoices. You can also give us a call as we are happy to take you through the process and answer all your questions.