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How to schedule Reminder, Statements and Thank You emails

You may wish to configure Satago so that reminders, statements and statements are only sent on particular days of the week. This can be useful if you do not reconcile payments in your accounting system on a daily basis.

You can also “pause” emails until a particular date – useful if you are either going on holiday, or if you would normally reconcile daily, but haven’t managed today and just need a delay to catch up.

scheduleYou’ll find the option to Edit Schedule in your Reminders.

By default, Satago is set to send emails on workdays only (Monday to Friday). You can change this so that Reminders, Statements and Thank you emails are also sent at the weekend, or so that they are only sent on specific days of the week. Just check or un-check the relevant check-box.

To delay emails until a particular date, just enter the date from which you want emails to re-commence. e.g. for 21st August 2015, enter 21/08/2015.

delay reminders

Note how Satago handles weekends if you stick with the default Monday-Friday schedule.