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12 Feb 2015

Satago partners with Experian to tackle late-payment to SMEs

SMEs in the UK will be able to avoid late payment thanks to Satago's partnership with Experian. Satago's credit control and accounts receivable CRM software, which integrates with cloud and desktop accounting software, will provide Experian credit and payment score data to its users to help them avoid late-payers and get paid faster.

London, UK - February 12th, 2015

UK-based startup, Satago, today announced that it has partnered with the global information services company, Experian. Satago has integrated Experian's market-leading credit data so that businesses can access their customers' real-time credit scores to help them manage and chase their debtors using Satago’s industry-leading credit control CRM software.

Users can register with Satago to see when companies pay their suppliers versus agreed terms. Users of Satago can also, integrate their accounting software with Satago’s credit control software to easily see the credit-rating, suggested credit limit and days-beyond-terms (DBT) data for all their current and prospective customers.

Steven Renwick, founder and CEO of Satago said:

"We are thrilled to have partnered with such a respected name in the credit information industry. Knowing your customers’ credit worthiness is the cornerstone of good credit control. We’ve set out to help small and medium-sized businesses get paid faster, and this partnership with Experian can only help us on that mission."

Max Firth, Managing Director of Experian Business Information Services, UK&I, said:

"Late payments can cause cash flow management problems for SMEs and hold back plans for growth. By using Experian’s credit data, Satago’s credit control tool will help more businesses to get paid on time. We share Satago’s genuine determination to help small businesses thrive."

Renwick added:

"Using Satago to automatically chase your debtors for payment is a great way to get paid faster and reduce administrative burden, but the best way to deal with late-payers is to know about them before you deal with them. Satago combined with Experian allows you to comprehensively manage your credit control all from one place."

Media Contact:
Steven Renwick (CEO & Founder)
+44 20 8133 3539