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24 Mar 2014

Satago launches free, automatic Payment Reminders tool to help SMEs and freelancers get paid on time

London - March 24th, 2014 - Satago, the online service dedicated to improving the payment behaviour of large organisations to SME and freelance suppliers - today launches a new automatic ‘Payment Reminder’ tool to make it radically easier for SMEs and freelancers to chase up payment of their invoices from their clients more effectively than ever before.

SMEs and freelancers that are happy to supply their anonymised payment experiences to Satago through their online accounting software will get full access to these new tools free of charge - along with free access to Satago reports on whichever organisations they are thinking of doing business with.

Steven Renwick, founder and CEO of Satago said:

We have developed these tools because we know it is not easy for small businesses to keep track of dozens or even hundreds of debtors, when their invoices are all overdue to different degrees. Just sending their customers well-timed reminders can make a significant difference to when they are likely to get paid.
Even for freelancers, who are often only dealing with a couple of clients at a time, the process of chasing customers for payment can feel unpleasant, and be something they would rather "somebody else" could do for them, not to mention the time it takes away from their productive work.

Once the SME or freelancer has connected their SageOne, Freeagent, Kashflow or Xero online account to Satago, and switched on Payment Reminders, Satago will then automatically send their customers an email reminder on their behalf 7 days before an invoice is due, then at 7, 14, 30 and 45 days after the invoice is due - or until payment is made.

SMEs and freelancers can immediately use Satago’s default email templates, which escalate in tone as the debt gets older, or the business can set up its own email templates. Users can even change the email templates for individual customers so that each receives a custom message.

Renwick added:

We give you full control over which customers receive which email reminders. For example if you want certain customers to receive only the pre-deadline reminder, whilst others receive only the 30 days late email, simply use the checkboxes on the system to turn those reminders on or off by customer. Perhaps you have some customers that you would rather Satago never contact on your behalf at all, that’s fine - we put you in full control.

More information on how Payment Reminders work and how they can be easily adapted to work just the way the SME or freelancer wants them to can be found here.

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Martin Campbell
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