Credit Control Tool

Spend less time chasing customers for payment

Credit Control Tool Features

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Customise templates and rules

Customise email reminders and escalate in tone as invoices become due.

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Automate email reminders

Decide when you want reminders to be sent and who should receive them. Then, sit back and let Satago do the work for you.

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Centralised communication

Manage all your credit control communication from one place. Keep these organised by customer and invoice and reply from either Satago or your own inbox.

Aged Debtors Report

Remaining Features

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Automate and escalate

Chasing your customers for payment is time-consuming and often unpleasant. Let that be a thing of the past by automating the process with friendly, customisable payment reminder emails.

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Customisable per customer

We know that not all customers are the same and we understand.

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Statements and Thank You emails

Satago will generate monthly statements for each of your customers and send thank you emails automatically when you get paid with a different message depending on whether you were paid on time or late.

Crm 07

Powerful debtor reporting

Interactive aged debtor reporting that makes it easy to see your accounts receivable status in a moment and prioritise the oldest debts. Share reports with team members as pdf or csv files, so everybody is kept in the loop.

Crm 08

Diary notifications

If your customer promises to pay you on a certain date, you can track this in Satago and set yourself a reminder. On that day, Satago will remind you to check for payment

Crm 03

Centralised communication

All credit control communication is centralised in Satago and assigned to customers and invoices, meaning everyone knows the status of individual debts and you have a full audit trail of all collection activities. Use Satago entirely by email, or send messages from within the application.