Invoice Finance

The first fully integrated solution to access funds tied up in your unpaid invoices

Invoice Finance Features

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See available credit

Cashflow problems don't need to keep you up at night. Finance your invoices at the click of a button, even those that are past due.

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UK-based Limited business

If you are a UK-based business that sells services or products to other UK businesses, you can use us.

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No hidden costs

We will advance up to 85% of the face value of each invoice. Our fee structure is clear and based on the risk profile of each invoice.

How Does Invoice Finance Work?

Remaining Features

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Sleep soundly with our bad debt protection

This protects your business against the impact of customer insolvency or non-payment.

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Finance multiple invoices at once

Financing multiple invoices is as easy as adding them to a shopping basket. No need to apply, fill in forms, or talk to us.

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Take a look at our pick of your unpaid invoices

Using "Smart-Select" Satago will suggest the best combination of invoices to finance for the lowest possible cost.

Invoice Finance Calculator

Enter invoice details to get an estimate of the cost to finance an invoice

Enter invoice details to get an estimate of the cost to finance an invoice

Remember, there are no extra fees or ongoing obligations. What you see is what you pay.

  • If you select a £{{invoiceAmount}} invoice
  • We advance you £{{advancedAmount}} today
  • When your customer pays us, we'll take off the initial advance and our fee of £{{cost}} and then return the balance of £{{additionalAmount}} to you
  • We calculate our fees by the day, so the better your credit control, the cheaper our fees