Risk Insights

A fully integrated solution to understand the credit risk of your sales ledger

Risk Insights Features

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Check companies’ credit reports

Before doing business with a new customer or supplier, avoid nasty surprises and check their credit score.

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Integrated credit risk data

Quickly and effectively visualise the credit risk of all your customers and even track their outstanding balance vs their credit limit.

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Monitor customer credit health

Customers’ credit health can change quite abruptly but with Satago, you are notified when this happens.

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Remaining Features

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Sales ledger risk profile

At a glance see the different risk levels on your outstanding invoices. Easily understand which customers have the highest credit risk, so you can concentrate on collecting the riskiest debts, not just the most overdue.

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Monitor credit limits

Compare your customers’ outstanding credit balance to their recommended credit limit. Satago notifies you when you exceed this limit so you know when to stop giving them more credit.

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Understand payment behaviour

Ever wonder if your customers are treating you better or worse than other suppliers? With Satago, you can see when your customers are paying you compared to when they pay other suppliers based on Days Beyond Terms data.

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Check new customers and suppliers

Before dealing with a new customer, check their credit score, credit limit and when they ususally pay suppliers, so you know if they are likely to be a good customer.

With Satago you can run up to 5 Credit Risk Report for free.
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