Success Stories

Stephen paul
Stephen Paul - Valued Accountancy
"At Valued we have been working with our clients to improve cash flow and Satago Invoice Finance has been a tool we have implemented at many clients with amazing success. The whole sign up, implementation and results driven process has been made so simple by the team at Satago and we would have no hesitation at all in recommending the product as part of the cash flow improvement system."
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Bruce campbell
Bruce Campbell - Add Mass
"That Satago is a free debtor management tool is incredible! It was quick to set up, looks great and the data that you receive is invaluable. It is really interesting to see where your customers are in the risk spectrum - there were a few surprises! I really like the finance option - neat and clean, very little fuss. You can retain the control yourself as to what you collect, the emails that are sent, how they look etc and the dashboard is fairly clear. Signing up for the finance was a breeze and all questions were dealt with quickly and by friendly calls."
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Sindy foster
Sindy Foster - Ny-Lon Marketing
"Having never used a service like this before it was quite nerve wracking, but the constant communication and transparency put me at ease. I would definitely recommend the service to others."
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Andy burgess
Andy Burgess - Omnifi
"Great service, very easy to use and the support is great, even for little questions. Plus they aren't pushy sales people like another invoice finance platform I tried before!"
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Mike copping
Mike Copping - Cyber Duck
"As a leading digital agency, Cyber-Duck operates in a competitive space: putting our client relationships first is key. Our award-winning finance team chose to partner with Satago: they share our vision of making the credit control process client-focused, simple, and exciting. Their software is great, with intelligent features and reporting. They take feedback on board, and really invest in their service. As the Finance Director, using Satago's software gives me the peace of mind I need, so I can ensure we balance client relationships and our bank balance."
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Ed christopher
Ed Christopher - Key Employment
"World changing! I can't recommend Satago enough! It has revolutionised the way we do business within the two short weeks we have been using it! At last, reliable, professional, customisable, personal and fair automatic debt collection! I am shocked by how well our clients have taken to it and very thankful for how reliable and transparent the process has become for me as MD! Integration with Xero is very simple they make a great team! I feel lucky to have found it and can see that this is just the start! Very important too: Great customer service and support!"
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Spencer blackaller
Spence Blackaller - BootUP Pc
"Here at BootUp PC we pride ourselves on providing a quick, responsive and great service to our customers. Having suppliers and partners that enable us to do that is of the utmost importance. It's great to know that my invoices are being chased in a productive way without me having to actually do anything. Using Satago means that we haven't had to employ anyone to chase our debtors and also gives great visibility of who we need to be worrying about. The staff are really helpful and constantly developing the product based on our feedback. We look forward to many more years of working with you."
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Chris gibbons
Chris Gibbons - Query Management
"As an outsourced credit control supplier we are always checking out platforms that can help our efficiency and reduce our clients' dso. Satago is a perfect fit, their ethos and passion reflect our own. The system is easy to navigate, works seamlessly with Xero and provides the tools for us to improve our service." "Satago fully understand the challenges in the credit control industry and have developed a system that will help businesses get paid on time and enable growth."
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Steve laing
Steve Laing - Fresh Nu Graphics
"As a new user to Xero I found it to be fantastic and easy to use. Within a very short space of time my accounts were up to date and balanced." "This was great for my small business, but I was struggling to chase clients for payment and keeping up to date with this. I then linked this with Satago and had instant results! After using this for a week I have now got my outstanding accounts down by 50%. I have also spoken to my clients and they are very impressed with the way they have been reminded/prompted to pay invoices."
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Marcus carter
Marcus Carter - Artisan Food Club
"I only just stared using it and wow... customers I would have chased have paid. Not only have they paid, but with the "invoice due in 7 days" email going out, many even paid early. Debt was always the last job in the office and now we have a full time person on the job - Satago. Great work – 10/10."
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Geoff Davis - GRD Credit Control
"Satago is an awesome product loved by me and my clients (I run a credit control company). Easy to use and navigate, easy to bring invoices and customers in and out of the chase process, fantastic reporting including risk rated, and all at a very, very reasonable price. I switched over from another organisation and have not looked back. Great team, based in the UK as well, who are always available for a quick answer. Love it, love it!"
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Ann Spickett - Total Bookkeeping
"I have to say how impressed I am with Satago - the set up was easy and painless and the customer service second to none. Within a day of my free trial the money had started coming in. I would definitely recommend Satago to anyone who offers credit terms to customers."
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Paul pritchard
Paul Pritchard - Abacus Accountacy
"Satago are amazing! We have tried several similar offerings, and this one is by far the best. Not only is the integration and interface really user friendly, but the support is outstanding too. We have now found a way to offer this to our clients as a bolt on service and intial feedback has been excellent." "This product will streamline the way you work, reduce your debtor days and massively increase your cashflow. In my opinion, this is absolutely essential for any small business that wants to grow and take things to the next level. I would highly recommend giving it a try."
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Paul Colman - Cloudbook Accountants
"Chasing late payers is a tiresome burden that can now be automated thanks to this great credit control add-on. We use Satago at CloudBook Accountants and it saves us many hours each month." "We love the fact that once it's set up with Xero, you don't have to go back into Satago unless you wish to cancel a reminder before it's sent to a customer - Satago email you the working day before a reminder is due to be sent. Even setting it up is just clicking a few buttons, but you can also spend more time and tailor pretty much everything."
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Varun Bhanot - Hubble
"Satago solved a really big problem for us; chasing invoices was the bane of my life. We are really pleased with how it's working for us and it lets us concentrate on actually running the business. It integrates with Xero very well too, which is why it was a no-brainer for us to use."
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